We provide installation, repair and maintenance services for power generating plants and high-profile companies. Our services include

Project Management

We provide Project Managers committed to work with you to understand your specific needs. Our Managers will build up all the stages required to execute your project successfully starting with cost estimation through planning, tender preparation, risk identification and control, management of design compliance, cost control, procurement, HSE management, construction management and site supervision to project readiness for commissioning.

We are proud of delivering our services on short notice, committed to execute effectively the repairs and maintenance requested, and minimise the time of forced and scheduled outages.

Our team will deliver a lean approach to your project and will source the suitable specialists from European countries. With inhouse logistics we take care of organising the accommodation, the travel, and the documentation required to comply with local laws and safe work of staff.

Electrical, Control and Instrumentation

Our Electrical, Control and Instrumentation services range from procurement, specification, installation, inspection, testing, pre-commissioning, maintenance and on-going support. Our electricians are CompEx certified and have broad expertise to work in hazardous locations where the risk of fire or explosion may exist. In the project execution, we include the required Project Management services and steps, the electrical tests, and we execute projects implying Low- and Medium-Voltages.

We are specialists in Control and Instrumentation and provide procurement, calibration, installation, loop checking, instrumentation and control system maintenance services. We delivered projects for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Our services range from simple hardwired projects to complex PLC and SCADA systems. In Ireland, we represent Valmet for the supply and installation of Distributed Control Systems and Human Machine Interface panels for process controls.

Coded Welding and Precision Pipework Fabrication

RR Power Projects has particular skills and expertise in the fabrication and installation of utility, process, and purity pipework systems of the power generation sectors with accents on high pressure piping We work with all grades of carbon steels (including P22 & P91), alloy steels and stainless steels. We work with pipes having wall thickness up to 45 mm and diameters up to 6000 mm. Our services meet or exceed specifications of European ISO 15614-1:2017 and American ASME BPVC.IX-2019 standards on welding and welding related works.

RR Power Projects is certified to ISO 3834 2:2005. Our welders are qualified either to European ISO 9606-1:2012 and/or American ASME BPVC.IX-2019 standards.

To ensure the quality of welding and up to date standards, we employ a full time International Welding Engineer with a diploma recognised by International Institute of Welding (IIW).

Mechanical Services and Steel Erection

We provide specialists and services in Equipment and Machinery Installations, Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures, Laser Survey, Design and 3D Modelling, Field Service Support, Repairs and Maintenance during Forced and Scheduled Outages, 24/7 Emergency Services during project execution.

Turbine Repair and Maintenance

RR Power Projects offers a rapid response to emergency breakdowns on all types of turbines. We offer a specialised and experienced personnel and based on the project scope we build the right team to include Project Managers, Superintendents, Safety Specialists, Quality Control Managers, Engineers, Inspectors and Craft Labourers and other personnel required.

Our services can include the entire scope of work from complete Turbine Disassembly, Reassembly, Laser Alignment, and Electrical Control and Instrumentation services. We also offer commissioning assistance in turbine start-up.

Valmet Control Systems and Automation

RR Power Projects is the Valmet’s Reseller in Ireland. We facilitate the purchase and deployment of Valmet’s Control and Automation Systems for Power Generating, Waste & Water Treatment, and Life Science Industries. Our team of experts provide local support in Ireland addressing your needs with Valmet products and services.

RR Power Projects is also supporting Valmet in the deployment of control systems in the UK. Our most recent Valmet’s services were delivered to Wastewater Treatment and Power Generating Plants in Chickerell, Leeds and London.

Installation of Air-Cooled Condensers

RR Power Projects is offering a complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Air-Cooled Condenser projects. We have successfully worked with all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in Europe, Middle East, Australia, America and Africa.

RR Power Projects has also developed a new concept of Modular Air-Cooled Condenser (MACC). We have installed and tested successfully the MACC at the Concentrated Solar Plant of Vast Solar in Australia under the European Commission awarded project named MACCSol.


Waste to Energy

We have vast experience in the construction of Waste to Energy facilities from steel erection to installation of plant equipment. We also provide skilled welders, fitters and electricians aiding in the commissioning of the plants.

Furthermore, we provide routine maintenance to outages.

Renewables & Energy Storage

RR Power Projects has adapted to the evolving electricity sector as it continues to transition to low carbon sources. We have flexibility to transfer and adapt the skills we have developed from working with traditional technologies to address client demands in the renewables.

We gained experience with installation, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning of Energy Storage, including Flywheels and Batteries.  We have provided mechanical and electrical support services to a client on a Research and Development project involving novel technologies to support renewable energy and grid stability. Furthermore, we assisted Valmet to develop and implement a Control System capable of actively monitoring power system conditions and delivering a rapid response from a 0.5 MW hybrid energy storage facility.

Water Treatment Plants

We offer full design, procurement and construction of Wastewater treatment plants including civils, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation works. RR Power Projects can deploy complete solutions of Valmet’s Total Solid Meters and Control Systems Valmet Control systems, which are a standard across industries and widely used in the UK and Finland.


Furthermore, we offer separate service packages that can include:

  • Cost Estimation
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Mechanical Installation
  • Electrical Installation
  • Instrumentation installation
  • Non-destructive test and pressure tests
  • Loop Checks
  • Automation System installation and connection to the main SCADA of the plant
  • Commissioning and hand over

Nuclear Power

Manufacturing and installation of many components on Nuclear Power Plants need to conform with RCC-M codes and ASME equivalents. We can undertake a range of works on nuclear sites such as prefabrication and installation of piping systems, installation of valves, accumulators, tanks, heat exchangers, filters, pumps, rotation machines and other auxiliary equipment. We offer quality welding for pressurised pipes and vessels and can prepare prefabrication on site or set-up a workshop in the accessible area. For the conventional side of the plant we can deliver full packages of mechanical and electrical services such as complete installation of emergency diesel generators.

Other Industries

RR Power Projects offers its mechanical, electrical and maintenance services to other industries such as Oil and Gas, Life Sciences, Anaerobic Digestion. We can deliver our services on offshore platforms, in the process & storage facilities and refineries.

We can deploy Valmet Control systems to management and control of LNG, Biogas and Bioethanol and Biofuels facilities.


RR Power Projects provide a best practice, single source solution to meet electrical & mechanical installation and precision pipework manufacture and installation for the power generating industries. Although we mainly operate in Ireland and UK, we delivered projects worldwide in:

  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Poland
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Kuwait
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