Established in 2003, RR Power Projects proudly stands as a dynamic industry leader renowned for a wide spectrum of services. Our operational prowess encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from initial planning to meticulous commissioning. Additionally, our rapid response mechanisms underscore our commitment to efficient repairs and proactive maintenance strategies. Our expertise extends to specialized pipework fabrication, while our turbine repair proficiency is strengthened by stringent safety and quality protocols.

As the distinguished Irish Reseller for Valmet, we seamlessly integrate Valmet’s Control and Automation Systems, catering to industries such as power generation, waste and water treatment, and life sciences. Our mechanical and electrical capabilities encompass installations, rooted in a value-centric approach. We take pride in our precision-driven electrical, control, and instrumentation services, supported by our team of CompEx-certified electricians.

Our steadfast commitment to continuous improvement is prominently showcased through our alliances with esteemed research partners, including the University of Limerick, demonstrating our resolute dedication to innovative excellence across a diverse array of industries.

Our Services

Project Management

Our dedicated Project Managers collaborate closely with you to understand your unique requirements and oversee every aspect of successful project execution, from initial estimation and planning to procurement, construction, and commissioning. We excel in rapid response for efficient repairs and maintenance, while our in-house logistics manage specialist sourcing from Europe, ensuring compliance with local regulations and optimizing work processes.

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Valmet Control Systems and Automation

As Valmet’s Irish Reseller, RR Power Projects facilitates seamless adoption of Valmet’s Control and Automation Systems for Power Generation, Waste & Water Treatment, and Life Sciences. Our local experts provide dedicated support, while also assisting Valmet’s control system deployment in the UK, exemplified by successful projects in Chickerell, Leeds, and London.

About Valmet

Originating in Finland with over 220 years of history and 13,000+ professionals worldwide, Valmet Automation has grown into a global leader. From Power Generation to Paper, Wastewater, Biofuels, Chemicals, Marine, and Food Industries, Valmet delivers turnkey solutions for automation and full-process control needs.

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Coded Welding and Precision Pipework Fabrication

At RR Power Projects, we excel in fabricating and installing utility, process, and purity pipework systems, specializing in the power generation sector and high-pressure piping. Proficient with various grades of carbon steels, alloy steels, and stainless steels, we handle pipes with thicknesses up to 45 mm and diameters up to 6000 mm. Our services adhere to European ISO 15614-1:2017 and American ASME BPVC.IX-2019 welding standards. With ISO 3834-2:2005 certification and qualified welders meeting ISO 9606-1:2012 and ASME BPVC.IX-2019 standards, we utilize TIG (141) / GTAW and MMA (111) / SMAW welding processes. Our commitment to quality includes a dedicated International Welding Engineer with IIW recognition.


Mechanical Services and Steel Erection

Our comprehensive range of expertise in mechanical and electrical market enables us to respond in a targeted manner to specific project requirements:

  1. Installation of the Machines and Equipment, Prefabrication and Installation of Piping Systems
  2. Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures
  3. Laser survey, Design and 3D Modelling
  4. Field Service Support to provide the Full Mechanical and Electrical scopes
  5. Operation and Maintenance Services on short notice
  6. Emergency Services implying 24/7 work schedule

We work closely with the client to ensure that our execution teams are efficiently addressing client’s requests and needs.

Turbine Repair and Maintenance

At RR Power Projects, swift and specialized response to turbine breakdowns is our forte. We assemble a tailored team of adept professionals, including Project Managers, Superintendents, Engineers, Inspectors, and more, to match your project’s exact requirements. Our mission revolves around restoring your facility’s prime performance promptly and securely, adhering to the highest Safety and Quality standards. Our meticulous Standard Operating Procedure ensures a pristine work environment.

We excel in repairing and maintaining turbines from leading manufacturers like GE / ALSTOM, TGM KANIS, SKODA, SIEMENS. Our comprehensive services encompass Turbine Disassembly, Reassembly, Laser Alignment, Electrical Control, and Instrumentation services, with the option of commissioning support during turbine start-up.


Electrical, Control and Instrumentation

Covering procurement, installation, testing, and maintenance, our services in Electrical, Control, and Instrumentation are backed by CompEx-certified electricians for hazardous locations. With an encompassing approach, we manage projects involving Low- and Medium-Voltages, provide comprehensive Control and Instrumentation expertise, and represent Valmet for advanced process control systems in Ireland.

Installation of Air-Cooled Condensers

RR Power Projects is offering a complete Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) for Air-Cooled Condenser projects. We have successfully worked with all major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) in Europe, Middle East, Australia, America and Africa.

RR Power Projects has also developed a new concept of Modular Air-Cooled Condenser (MACC). We have installed and successfully tested the MACC at the Concentrated Solar Plant of Vast Solar in Australia under the European Commission awarded project named MACCSol.